15 Best Android Studio Tutorials For Beginners

Android Studio is the authority IDE (integrated improvement condition) for developing Android Apps by Google. It depends on  JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDEA programming and has bunches of amazing highlights which helps the engineer in creating Android App. Android Studio is accessible for nothing download on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Here we are going to share Top 15 Android Studio Tutorials For Beginners and heaps of guide, tips, traps and an alternate route of Android Studio to help designer effectively comprehend the device.

There are various approaches to approach Android Development yet by far the most official and intense is to use Android Studio. This is the expert IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for the Android organize, created by Google and used to make the vast majority of the applications that you probably utilize routinely. Android Studio makes life on a very basic level less demanding differentiated and non-expert programming, be that as it may, is still has a little approach before it can claim to be an absolutely characteristic and smooth understanding. For finish beginners, there is an awful package to learn here and an extraordinary piece of the information available – even through expert channels – is either obsolete or exorbitantly thick, making it difficult to make head or tails of.

In this post, we’ll clear up what Android Studio does in fairly more detail and go over the fundamental handiness that you need to begin. For finish beginners, there is a terrible parcel to learn here and a significant part of the information accessible – even through authority channels – is either obsolete or excessively thick, making it impossible to make head or tails of. Thus, make a point to peruse this post till the plain end to think about the 15 android studio instructional exercises for beginners.

Start New Project

Top 15 Android Studio Tutorials For Beginners

Figure out how to start or create a new project in Android Studio. We create or start a new project in the Android studio to create a new Mobile Application for Android. To Start new project just follow simple steps below.


Open Project

Figure out how to open projects and late project. At the point when an Android project is now present in your framework then you can open it effectively in Android Studio. Here we are sharing the well-ordered guide on how to open the project in Android Studio.


Reopen, Close and Save Project

Take in more about how to open saved projects and close the current project in Android Studio. At the point when the project is as of now opened in an android studio and a similar time, Another project is opened in the android studio at that point utilize the Reopen project.


Create New Activity

Figure out how to create New Activity in Android Studio additionally create XML petition for designing UI and java record coding. We create New Activity in Android Studio to create XML petition for designing UI and java document coding. The following are the means to create new Activity in Android Studio.


Create New Java Class

Figure out how to create New Java Class in Android Studio. A Class comprises of an arrangement of items that offer a typical Structure and conduct in JAVA. Below are the means to create new JAVA class in Android Studio.


Create Virtual Device

Take in more to create a new AVD (virtual device) in Emulator. We start AVD in Emulator to test our Android App. AVD Manager is essentially an apparatus which you can use to create and oversee AVD (Android Virtual Devices) for the Android Emulator. It is likewise called Emulator.


Run App In AVD

This is essentially the most ideal approach to test App in Android before uploading on Google Play. The following are the means to run an Android App in AVD of Emulator.


Run/Test App in Real Device

Snap to find out about how to run an app in the real device. Running Android App for testing in a real device is faster than running in AVD. Here we will demonstrate to you well ordered proper methodologies to run Android App in Real Android device for testing and running it.


Create Drawable Resource XML File

Figure out how to create drawable resource XML file in Android Studio. Drawable Resource XML is for the most part created in drawable folder and is utilized as a part of Android to add more customization for sees. Here are well ordered how to create new Drawable Resource XML in Android Studio.


Add/Create Landscape Layout

Figure out how to outline application in Landscape introduction in Android Studio. In Android, each application is planned in relatively both the introductions i.e Portrait and Landscape. As a matte, of course,e Android Studio gives you the alternative to planning your application in Portrait mode yet for Landscape we have to make some additional settings.


Create Local HTML File

Figure out how to create local HTML file in Android Studio. We typically need HTML files for showing your substance in WebView. In the event that you need to add any site page or need to create a local site page for your application then it should be possible using HTML files. Here we will demonstrate to create local HTML file in Android Studio.


Create Raw Folder



Figure out how to create Raw Folder in Android Studio. The raw folder in Android is used to keep mp3 or Ogg sound files and furthermore video files. The raw folder is created inside res folder: principle/res/raw. So we will just create it inside res folder.


Add/Create Assets Folder

Take in more to create Assets folder in Android Studio. You may have seen that not at all like Eclipse ADT Android Studio doesn’t have Assets folder which we for the most part use to keep our web files like HTML. Assets folder is spared under principle folder: primary/assets. Here we will share well ordered how to create Assets raw folder in Android Studio.


Install Genymotion Emulator

Take in the means to install Genymotion Emulator in Android Studio. Genymotion is an Android Emulator which is way speedier then Android Studio emulator. Genymotion emulator offers an extensive variety of virtual gadgets for advancement, test and shows reason.


Import/Add External JAR File

Figure out how to import an External JAR file to Android Studio. Basically, JAR is a Java Archives Package file, which involves a few Java files to accomplish a particular errand. The metadata and Resources are additionally involved in a file to convey it as Library files.


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