14 Best Apps for GRE Tests

We will, in general, relate the word “free” with “low quality.” But truth be told, there are gigantic measures of free GRE resources that are also on a standard with, if more awful than, extreme GRE think about materials. Hence, yes, you can study for the GRE using simply free assets. In any case, what sorts of first-rate free GRE assets are out there. What’s more to ETS, various predominant GRE prep associations are beginning to advance test takers a hand through free GRE applications, flashcards, and diversions. Here we have some best apps for GRE tests.

What’s really great is that free GRE assets address basically all aspects of the GRE. For model, while practice tests open you to all regions of the test, entertainments and applications can target unequivocal capacities, for instance, vocab data. Finally, though, should you study for the GRE using simply free assets. The suitable reaction is, it depends. While free assets are helpful, only one out of every odd individual guess they’re satisfactory.

Frugal test takers who are fans of self-study will likely enjoy re-trying their study sessions and putting aside some money. Others, in any case, may jump at the chance to use free GRE prep in the mix with a sensible, expansive resource, such as The Official Guide to the GRE General Test. And then some will lean toward eye to eye heading, which infers securing a GRE tutor or agreeing to acknowledge a prep course. Notwithstanding how you consider for the GRE, I exceedingly recommend abusing free GRE test prep. It’s free, along these lines, really, you don’t have anything to lose.

Old ETS Practice Test PDF

This official resource is an old (pre-2011) GRE practice test available for download as a PDF. Not in any manner like the practice test PDFs above, this practice test uses the old association of the GRE and contains some old substance and question types.


Manhattan Prep Practice Test

Made by Manhattan Prep, this full-length, electronic practice test is solid, high gauge, and extraordinarily like the GRE, making it one of the best casual GRE practice tests currently available on the web.



Another casual resource, the CATPrep GRE practice test is a solid test available to no end on the web. Not in any manner like distinctive test up until this point, it isn’t yet till now abbreviated.



Ready4GRE is an astoundingly assessed GRE prep app available for iPhone and Android. Not under any condition like other free GRE applications, this one offers a bundle of high-quality examination materials, from vocab flashcards and tests to thought driven activities. The home screen involves a virtual method for various Verbal and Quant works out, which you should complete in a predefined demand to unlock subsequent topics.


GRE Prep-15 Best Apps for GRE Tests

It is accessible with a much larger assortment of tests and practice tests, many of which contain numerous request. You can similarly use this application to discover a GRE tutor in your general region.


PrepScholar’s GRE Vocab Flashcards

This is a champion among our best GRE assets yet: an extensive GRE vocab deck with 357 of the most notable GRE vocab words. All of the words we’ve chosen are among the most as a rule used vocab words on the GRE. Memorize these and you’re sure to do well on Verbal.


Magoosh GRE Vocabulary Flashcards

It is surely understood examination tool for acing some high-repeat GRE vocab quickly and viable. The application is one of the most solid GRE vocab apps available to no end and starting at now has a 4+-star rating.



A game site, similarly as an application that is able to analyze through digital flashcards and games. You can in like manner make and offer your own one of a kind vocab decks.



Like Cram, Quizlet empowers customers to submit, consider, and share content as flashcards and entertainments. To the extent the GRE, this site is a splendid decision for learning vocab.


Argument Essay Topics and Issue Essay Topics

These two pools spread every single one of the official “Analyze an Argument” and “Separate an Issue” essay topics eligible for the Analytical Writing extent of the GRE.


ETS Mathematical Conventions PDF

It has  points of reference of all fundamental math conventions, pictures, and rules you’ll encounter on Quant.


ETS Math Review PDF

Another specialist Quant-related resource, the ETS Math Review explains most of the genuine math thoughts that can appear on the GRE. The 102-page PDF addresses all possible math topics, formulas, and thoughts in Quant’s four vital arrangements: calculating, polynomial math, geometry, and data examination.


Khan Academy

An ETS-embraced resource, Khan Academy is a free learning site rehearsing in instructional videos. Although the site doesn’t clearly address the GRE in its accounts, it harbors a large save of GRE-related math chronicles centering on topics such as arithmetic, polynomial math, and geometry.


GRE Flashcards

Ace the 1000 most important GRE words with our very assessed free flashcards for your Android phone. Practice every day to improve your vocab data. Concentrate to correct your numbness and prepare to trounce the verbal fragment.


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