15 Best Free Icon Sets 2020

Icons have a rich history since we began utilizing electronic gear. At the beginning periods, icons were just utilized in physical gadgets, which help the client to work the machines easily. Presently icons are one of the fundamental components in any advanced product.At this time of savvy gadgets, icons are the essential concentration in any UI structure. Cell phones are generally utilizing icons for their UIs. To extract the substance on a little screen is a test for any originator, Icons speak to an idea more or less.

Icons have the ability to interface with the client with no content data. Icons help to make the client connections quicker. The client needs less an ideal opportunity to see and comprehend the icons than perusing the bit of text. Indeed, certainly icons are basic in any ground-breaking client interface.With UI configuration constantly changing and pushing ahead, it very well may be a difficult errand staying aware of the most recent changes in icon plan. Despite the fact that pattern changes have not been as radical this year as we”ve seen in earlier years, the icons have plainly gotten progressively refined, increasingly specific, and they have completely grasped the magnificence of effortlessness by mixing the entirety of the insignificant highlights from already mainstream icon styles.

Icons can unarguably be called as one of the most vital components of graphical UI. These icons help you in conveying an immense scope of things, all with the utilization of a solitary picture. In any case, all things considered, the whole procedure of creating just as structuring an icon can be very burdening and lumbering.

Noun Project

Propelled in 2011, Noun Project is refreshed every day with new icons made by a worldwide network of expert makers. It right now holds more than 2,000,000 icons, which are all free, downloadable and adjustable.


Material Design Icons

As a major aspect of Google’s Material Design assets (close by its shading palette generator, text style index and that’s just the beginning) is this rich assortment of icons. The icons are accessible in five unique subjects – filled, sketched out, adjusted, two-tone, and sharp.



Icons8’s tremendous assortment, all delivered and planned in-house, is comprised of numerous icon sets. Along these lines, you can pick the style that best suits your venture and work with icons inside that set. The site offers total customization before download, from changing the icon’s shading, size and arrangement, to including text.



Softies started as an individual undertaking by Robbie Pearce, in which he planned an icon daily. In the wake of having aggregated several icons throughout the years, he discharged the undertaking as an icon pack, free for both individual and business ventures.


 iOS Edge

This free icon pack structured by Zach Roszczewski for Flaticons matches the Apple gauges for the iOS interface. It comes in both sketched out and filled variants. This free example is a piece of a more full paid arrangement of 2,400 icons.



This assortment of vector line icons is the free form of a bigger premium set, comprising of 1,001 icons. The icons were planned on a 20×20 pixel network. When utilizing the free form, make certain to connection to the site for attribution, and to specify Perxis as the originator.



Feather is an assortment of open source icons. The icons are planned on a 24×24 network with an accentuation on straightforwardness, consistency, and adaptability, and authorized under the MIT License. You can likewise discover these icons as a Sketch library, on Github, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.



Ionicons is an open source assortment that is MIT authorized. The icons all arrive in a Material Design style just as an iOS style, so they look incredible on both Android and iOS. They are additionally good for web, and can be utilized as a webfont. The assortment was worked by the Ionic Framework group.



Jam is a lot of icons planned by Michael Amprimo for web, application, and print ventures. The icons are planned on a 24×24 network with a 2 pixel stroke, and come in both blueprint and filled renditions. The set, authorized under the MIT License, can likewise be found on Github.


Font Tonicons

This CSS icon text style was made in light of web specialists and designers. The icons are vectoric, and the PNG renditions come in both 32px and 64px forms. Note that it’s free for individual utilize as it were. For business purposes, Tonicons offers different paid icon groups.


 Mixed Computer Icons

This assortment of icons is sovereignty free. The icons remembered go for subject from science and medication to travel, business, and that’s just the beginning.


Earth and Space

Spaceships primed and ready! The people at Iconshock have made an eye-getting set of downloadable icons with an emphasis on everything stargazing, including our reality and space.



This set by Iconfinder contains 50 vector line icons. It was planned by Sergey Ershov and is authorized under Creative Commons, necessitating that the proper credit be given for any utilization.



This assortment of icons is free for bothindividual and business use. Ready to download and use instantly.


Geometric Line Icons

These icons by Andy Kelly are structured with just straight lines, utilizing a line width of 2px. The icons are a limit of 20px in size, so they’re best utilized in application or web UI structure.


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