Complete Guide to Online Privacy

It is very important to be safe when one is surfing the internet. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) make this possible in various ways.

Key Things to Do to Retain Your Online Privacy

An internet user or technology experts would implement different ways of retaining their online privacy while surfing the internet. Below are three key things one can do to retain their online privacy.

Choose a Reliable VPN Provider

There are a lot of VPN service providers out there. It is therefore wise to choose that one which is easy and reliable to use for you. Every internet user and technology expert will find VPNs useful, hence it is a worthwhile investment to make.

For you to choose a reliable VPN provider, be very aware of the sponsored ads that have nice reviews. This would easily entice someone to go for something but yet again not all that glitters is gold.

The advantage with most VPNs companies is that they allow one to pay via various payment modes including but not limited to Bitcoin, gift cards, visa cards, and cash as well. Look out for VPN providers that do not ask for your real names and address at the sign-up stage. Providers that respect a user’s privacy will hardly ask for this.

Some benefits come with using a VPN. Look out for VPNs that hide one’s online activity from your Internet Service Provider (ISP), your state, hackers, and copyright trolls. A good VPN will also allow you to torrent safely, protect your identity from the various sites you visit, and above all protect your device when using public Wi-Fi to connect to the internet.

Last but not least, a good VPN bypasses your local, school, state, or your employer-imposed censorship. Look out for this, before you subscribe to a VPN.


This is another key thing that is done to retain online privacy. Encryption is hiding information so that it cannot be accessed without special knowledge of the one who owns the information. VPNs have various encryption tools that are easy to use, some are free and open-source, some are paid for but a majority of them require zero knowledge for the user to get solutions from them.

There are various things that a VPN would assist an internet user to encrypt. They include encrypting one’s traffic and emails. For your email to be fully encrypted and one to enjoy it, your recipients must use email encryption as well.

 For example, if you’re recipients are google users, expect google to scan all your emails even if you are not one of their users. This shows that your emails will not be private all because of your contacts. Ensure that you encrypt your VoIP conversations and chats as well.

Observe the Android Privacy tips

If you are using an Android gadget, they are privacy tips that one could take up to retain their online privacy. They include using a strong password in the apps one is using. Passwords can be hacked in this day and age and one should set up a memorable and strong password. This could include digits but those that one could easily remember but could be hard to be known by anybody else. A password should be very private to any internet use starting from his phone’s or laptop’s logins to his or her email address’s passwords.

The other thing, one could do to retain one’s online privacy is to disable backups to your google account. Backups are mostly done I order not to lose information such as phone numbers saved on a phone handset, photos, and what is in one’s calendar events. If one does not want Google snooping on them, they should then disable the back up to their account to check which one VPN is good for Pakistani IP address. To completely disable this, make sure you delete what is in your google settings history.

Other things to disable would be their location tracking, this will restrict anyone from locating the. You could, however, enable your location when you need to use your GPS for example when ordering a cab via the Uber app. Delete your location’s history as well.


There are key things that one must do to retain their online privacy. This article highlights three of them which are choosing a reliable VPN provider, encryption, and observing the android privacy tips.

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