15 Amazing Games Like Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go had been a major hit which was drifting among the gamers and Pokemon darlings in the course of the most recent year. Furthermore, with a zero rivalry in the gaming market, players joyfully acknowledged the new allowed to play area-based gameplay offered by Nintendo.

In any case, it was no longer than only a month, Pokemon Go picked up a gigantic ground everywhere throughout the world. Furthermore, more than one year, Pokemon GO has spread everywhere throughout the world and later Nintendo presented additionally intriguing highlights and more gameplays which got more fanbase for Pokemon go.

Presently with Pokemon Go achieving its pinnacle number of players, numerous amusement designers have additionally thought of comparative recreations like Pokemon go. In the event that you want to play Pokemon Go and need to experiment with a portion of the comparative diversions then you are at an opportune place as here we are talking about a portion of the best games that are of same idea like of the Pokemon go.

Along these lines, on the off chance that you are exhausted playing Pokemon go or need to attempt another game like Pokemon go then you have gone to the perfect place. Today, I will discuss 15 most amazing games like Pokemon go that you will love to play in the event that you preferred Pokemon Go. Immediately let me take you through the rundown of games like Pokemon Go if worse for some, amusements out there.


This game depends on GPS area which is a standout amongst other reasons why we chose to call it Pokemon GO-like match. Your essential target is to hack into various entries and to develop them with the goal that you can pick it and battle against your rivals.  You simply need to utilize your gadget and application to find wellsprings of vitality. The instrument is like Pokemon GO, yet the gameplay is unique and ideal for somebody who is searching for something other than what’s expected.



SpecTrek is fundamentally a reality game that comes on the planet in type of phantoms and irregularities. What you need to do is discover those phantoms utilizing GPS and camera on your telephone and catch them. Discover their areas and set out to dispose of them. You can even visit where there have been sightings on phantom and spare your chance by getting them.


Dragon Mania Legends

With Dragon Mania Legends, you will play as a villager in Dragon arrive who goes for sparing the consecrated place where there are dragons who are being gotten and tormented by foes. Begin playing the game at the present time in the event that you like playing Pokemon Go as you will get a well-known feeling os gameplay. With astounding visuals, this diversion is certainly justified regardless of an attempt.


Aliens on the Table

Aliens on the Table is yet another game like Pokemon Go. This is an enlarged reality amusement that includes an over the head shooting gameplay where players need to stop an outsider attack where the outsiders are attempting to contact home for a full power intrusion. In this way, the players fundamental goal is to prevent the outsider from sending over the message by annihilating the gateway that they are attempting to fabricate.


Zombies, Run!

Zombies, in this expect you are the saint and the middle purpose of the experience. It changes your general surroundings. You can like to utilize it in running, running or power strolling and even on tread-process. Diverse missions regular are finished to open another one for the up and coming day.


Real Strike

This game will transform your home and town into an army installation. In the meantime, it brings FPS amusement mode in reality. Hence, you will join your genuine surroundings with 3D firearm liveliness and 25 weapons that you can pick. Everything from reloading to terminating is the ideal method to have a ton of fun.


Temple Treasure Hunt Game

In this game, you can either be a fortune defender and make distinctive trials for the seekers to wind up a fortune seeker or to shoo and search for precious fortunes around the sanctuary. The game puts an accentuation on time, so you have to act snappy and illuminate every one of the signs and secrets in the apportioned time. Turn into the genuine fortune seeker in this epic fortune chasing amusement. 


Paintball Arena

This specific game is a standout amongst the most astonishing and energizing AR recreations that you can appreciate to play. It is a multiplayer amusement that works through AR so you can play with your companions. It requires a steady web association, and the initial step is to choose the shade of your companion’s shirt. 


Genesis Augmented Reality

This is a constant reality-based fight diversion where you can play with various characters outfitted with supernatural, severe and heap assaulting aptitudes. You can play solo and in addition with companions, making solid buddy and going up against the best world players. With probably the most choice gameplays ever like Pokemon Go, Genesis Augmented Reality is an amusement that you will love on the off chance that you like Pokemon Go. 



Father.io is the most recent expansion to the gaming scene which incorporates gameplay which is precisely similar to Pokemon Go. It is the second game in its class that includes association with this present reality with genuine individuals. In spite of the fact that this amusement is simply in its beta rendition, players are as of now attempting the beta form and getting a charge out of playing the diversion. 



Here is another game where you have to catch and raise beasts. Mobbles are beasts living around you. Sweep your neighbourhood to get them. Diverse Mobbles hang out at better places: move around and exchange with companions from over the globe to get them all!


Zombies Everywhere

On the off chance that you appreciate playing recreations that are like Pokemon GO, you should attempt this specific one. It contains same mechanics, just as opposed to getting Pokemon, you need to slaughter zombies. It is a magnificent amusement for individuals who appreciate zombie motion pictures and need to enter the universe of zombies. 



There are loads of recreations like Pokemon GO, yet this one is unique. The primary thought is that you need to go on a fortune chase as opposed to chasing Pokemon. It is immaculate AR amusement where the essential objective is to go treasure chasing. You simply need to circumvent your territory with the goal that you can find unique compartments that are covered up around.


Landlord Real Estate Tycoon Here & Now

Real Estate enables you to do precisely become a tycoon, however, don’t be so certain to assemble your home overnight as you should confront continuous tempests, catastrophes and numerous more battles on your way. Play your methodology shrewdly to get the most out your ventures and realizing which territory will give you out the most income. Play on a guide precisely like the world you live in and go up against other Landlord land moguls progressively relying upon your area. 


The Walk

This game keeps you fit as it expects you to walk. Turns out Pokemon Go isn’t the main application that is influencing individuals to thin! It’s a basic diversion that takes around three months to finish. You have to stroll to a puzzling goal while conveying a virtual bundle that could spare the world. While you draw nearer to the goal, immersive sound story cuts are opened.


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