How The SEO Industry Came To Be

As the world is changing businesses as well as their relevance is changing too. There are content creators and companies now that rely on the internet to make a living. But what makes some more successful than others?  That is the million dollar question. So let me simplify it to you; the higher you are on the suggestion search engine links, the more users you have, the more money you will make and the more successful you will be. You see all of that could change whether to the better or the worse according to the SEO industry.

Now let me take you with me on the journey of how all of this began.

What is SEO?

But before that allow me to explain what SEO means. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is basically an industry that aims at increasing the visibility of a webpage or a website to increase the number of users on them which would benefit them greatly. The term appeared around 1997 after search engines and websites began to develop. At first, it had many names like search engine placement and search engine ranking as well as others but they didn’t stick for long; even though, they seem to be more accurate and describe the process better.

How it all started and why?

I am pretty sure we have all used search engines like Google and Bing to search for information and then those search engines provide us with a list that we can choose from. That is when companies noticed that the ranking mattered because users usually open the first from 5 to 10 links before they search another keyword entirely. This caused those who ranked less major losses.

And this is how the competition began. Businesses began to attempt to improve their ranking so as to become the first suggested link to users. They even started to study the algorithm to try to increase the number of their visitors and become more relevant and successful. That is how the industry began and now we have specialists in SEO and people who get paid just to improve the visibility of websites and webpages.

What used to affect SEO?

You see, in order for SEO workers to succeed in improving the ranks of their clients they needed to understand what those rankings were based on and how the algorithm worked. Before, when this all started the only form of SEO that could be done was on-page content because the search results appeared according to the number of times the keyword was mentioned. This means the higher the number the higher the ranking.

Then it was developed according to the number of links included in your webpage. But search engines realized the problem when users couldn’t find accurate results and actual content creators were ranking very low on the list. This all lead to further developments leading to personalized results where the search engine reads your search history and provides results accordingly, so no two people can have the same suggestions. Obviously, that improved the process significantly, but there were still flaws. This is why it’s always a good idea to consult professionals in the field that can actually work out what works for your business. The people at Big Gorilla Design, Austin TX Web Design and SEO, believe that every business is unique and needs to have a plan set up in order to achieve the best results possible. This is why having a talented team of web designers, graphic designers, SEO consultants, marketers, writers, photographers, videographers and all around creative thinkers, who work together to help your business thrive is extremely beneficial in getting a business off the ground.

What affects SEO now?

But search engines didn’t stop there, no, they kept developing their algorithm to banish all the ads and spams that plague the system and they won’t stop developing till they provide the most accurate search results with fair rankings. And all of this is to create a better experience for their users. But mainly the algorithm and how SEO specialists deal with it all depend on the search engine that you are using.

The social media aspect in SEO

You need to realize that being famous on social media doesn’t necessarily means that you will be from the first results on search engine searches. But social media does in fact play a major role in improving your chances as the number of times you are mentioned on any social platform makes you more relevant. So it might not really be a deciding factor, but it is an important aspect that you can’t ignore.

The importance of the SEO industry

So let me tell you the point of all of this and what you will get if you play your cards right in this field. The most important thing is you will be able to succeed and grow your business significantly which will in turn allow you to meet your objectives. You will also improve your user’s experience that will attract more clients and so on. Lets not forget the fact that you will be able to beat your competition if you ranked above them which means more business for you.

Giving credit where credit is due

And this, my friend, is how the story of the search engine optimization industry came to be. It is very important to companies, especially those who have high objectives and goals that they want to achieve. Ranking 1 in any search engine is an important achievement that has to be acknowledged and behind this success is almost always an SEO specialist that has to be appreciated and applauded for his contributions.

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