How to Reset Passcode on iPhone Without Losing Data

You don’t have to choose between resetting your phone and losing your data. Furthermore, it is possible to reset the iPhone without the passcode or connecting to iTunes. Here are a few tips on how to reset the passcode on an iPhone without losing your data, regardless of your situation.

The Standard Factory Reset Process

The factory reset process with iPhones will wipe out all of your personal data and all installed software. This is done by going to settings, general, reset. Then pick erase all content and settings. This option requires being able to access the menu, but you can follow these steps if you don’t otherwise have the passcode. The iChimp website discusses a variety of options in this regard, as well as the reasons that Apple’s phones have restored to factory defaults as one of their default tech support solutions. If you wanted to restore the data, then it could be restored from an iCloud backup if you have one.

Performing a Factory Reset with iTunes but Without a Passcode

If your phone is synced with iTunes, you can perform a factory reset though you don’t have the passcode. This process will wipe all data on the device, though you can restore it via iTunes. For that reason, you’d want to back-up the phone with iTunes before using this process. Once done, go to the “Restore iPhone” option in the iTune menu, then pick “Restore”. You’ll be able to access the phone without a passcode.

Performing a Factory Reset on a Phone without a Passcode or iTunes

Maybe you received a second hand iPhone that came without the passcode. Or you found your old phone but forgot the passcode. Another possibility is that the phone is disabled by someone else’s hack attempts, but you don’t remember the passcode you set it to, either. In all of these cases, the solution is doing a factory reset without the passcode. You could use a passcode unlocker tool to bypass the passcode. This requires connecting the phone to the computer, downloading that software, and letting the tool bypass the passcode before restarting the phone.

Performing a Factory Reset via Find My iPhone

If you have “find my iPhone” installed on your device but don’t have a passcode, you can log into iCloud on your computer. Log in with your Apple credentials, go to “Find my iPhone”, and select “All Devices”. You can select the iPhone and then erase it. That erases all data on the phone and the passcode. This tactic is intended to wipe personal data of iPhones you lost, but it can be used when you are holding the iPhone in your hand, otherwise you can not access it.

Performing a Reboot via Specialized Software

There are deep repair software applications that can access the deepest levels of the iPhone. You can use these tools to bypass installation restrictions Apple places on phones, such as when you want to install something not available in the App Store. You can use this software to bypass Apple’s security features, including the passcodes required to officially log in. The deep repair tools need to be on the computer you connect to the iPhone, but if you have it, then you can perform a factory reset via the reboot tool. Depending on the tool, it can restore the phone after a jailbreak or update the iOS to the latest working version, too. This approach may or may not wipe out the data on the iPhone; that depends on the setting and the software tool used.

Apple has designed its phones to be simple to use. However, this makes technical support and troubleshooting more complicated if you can’t fix it with a simple reset. We’ve provided several options for resetting the phone though you don’t know the passcode, depending on what you have at your disposal.

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