Love Gaming? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Conan Exiles

Open world survivals seem to be popping up like mushrooms, meaning that there are a lot of bad games out there. Conan Exiles managed to step away from the crowd and deliver a positive experience but not without flaws. It is a polished survival game with interesting mechanics and features that should keep you hooked in front of your PC or console for many hours. Here are some few tips on how to survive in a world where everyone is out to get you.

Being an open-world survival game allows for a good degree of exploration freedom. The game has a weather system and very detailed environments. Everything is populated with animals and NPCs, giving the impression that everything and everyone wants to kill you.

The whole premise of the game is quite. You are a criminal that was convicted to death by crucifixion in the middle of the desert under the scorching sun. Conan is the one that rescues you and from that point onward, the survival game starts.

The map itself is huge with a good terrain variation and gorgeously designed deserts, forests, volcanos, and even snowy mountains. It demands exploration, but caution is a must. The world is densely populated by wild beasts and mythical creatures and everyone is out to get you. There is a constant sense of danger. You have to fight for every piece of land you explore or resource you collect. Everything is harvestable, but the whole world is a very hostile place.

Fight, Gather, Forge

The entire game revolves around survival. You have to fight, explore, scavenge and survive. Everything is tied up into an intricate crafting system. Progression is conditioned by resource gathering and crafting. The crafting itself is quite complex. Each item requires multiple components to be crafted as well from all types of materials. It takes time to build an upgraded piece of armor, upgrade a wall, construct a new building or forge weapons. Every single item in the game that you will use is craftable.

Crafting in Conan Exiles is rewarding, but it is extremely tedious and exhausting at times. The developers did leave a backdoor open. They built into the game a collection of Conan Exiles cheats that actually make the game more enjoyable. Admin console required to be enabled in order to use the cheats. They can be used to spawn enemies, become invisible or even invincible, which should make it easier to gather resources and accelerate the crafting process.

An important part of the crafting system is building a base. What starts as a small shelter can be turned into a genuine city that is populated with NPCs and features advanced defensive structures. To upgrade buildings and structures, the recipes are required. The recipes are also needed to craft gear. Even the farming system required recipes. The recipes can be looted from chests or enemies and have different rarity levels, making some of them, more difficult to acquire. They will become crucial as you progress through the game as your city will be constantly under attack by enemies. It will become a target and defensive structures will prove to be extremely helpful.

The PVP Situation and Endgame Content

The game offers the best experience when playing on co-op mode with a friend. It is still an open world and you may encounter other players. To give everyone the experience they want when playing Conan Exiles, the developers created three different types of servers. There are two PvE modes and a PvP server. Each mode has its own perks, but only the PvE Conflict servers will be restricted to PC players.

Endgame in Conan Exiles is also a battle for survivals. As the shelter evolves into a large building or even in a city, it will be continually attacked by enemies. Their numbers and strength continues to increase over time, keeping the difficulty in balance with the progress of the player.

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