Purchasing The Perfect Domain Name For Your Business

The domain name of your business will be your online identity. Hence; it is important to choose the domain name carefully. Instead of just registering the first name which you come across, you have to be more selective. Only when you’re selective enough, you can choose the right name which will help you grow your business online. You need to keep in mind that only when the name is catchy enough and easy for the customers to recall, you can get repeat visitors easily. We will today share with you a few tips which will help you select the right domain name for your business.

1. Choose the extension

These days, when it comes to domain extensions, there are quite a few of them. Some of the options which you can consider are:

  • .com
  • .net
  • .org
  • .TV
  • .Inc
  • .company

Apart from these, you can also go to your country specific domain extensions. You have to decide the extension for your business and then check the available names in that extension.

2. Go for a simple name

Ideally, you want to pick a name for your business which is easy to recall. Only when the name is simple enough, it will be easy to remember. You have to avoid long abbreviations or numbers or hyphens. They are distracting. When it is simple, most of the customers can recall it and to search for it on the Internet quite easily. It will help you gain more traffic for your business.

3. Prefer short names

Similarly, short names are always a good idea. You might not be able to register the domain name with the exact name of your company, but you have to try and make it short. You can brand it differently as well. You can also go for various extensions which will help you get the exact domain name which you want.

The advantage of a short domain name is that there are fewer chances for your visitors to type it wrong. That is why; they can directly land on your website rather than going through the search engines. It will help you increase the conversion rate significantly. Hence; you have to prefer a short name.

4. Say it out loud

The tip, which we are discussing now is the most underestimated one. You have to make it pronounceable. Even though people might not see your domain name below, but when they can pronounce it in their mind, they are more likely to recall it. Due to this very reason, before registering your domain name, it is better to say it out loud. It makes sense when you can visualize the spelling after pronouncing it; you can go ahead and register that domain name. That is why; spelling mistakes are challenging to brand. You have to choose a name which is pronounceable and therefore is easy to recall.

5. Do not ignore the registered ones

When following the above few tips while shortlisting the perfect domain name for your business, you will come across plenty of already registered names. Most of the business owners ignore these names. The truth is that you can often buy these domains from their current owner’s. Many of them might not be using that domain name. There are various tools with the help of which, you can find the contact information of the current owner. These include:

  • WHOIS tools
  • Domain registrars
  • Sites like wayback machine

Once you get the contact information, it is crucial to get in touch with them the right way. A few tips which you can follow are:

  • You should always be polite in your contact.
  • You should not name your price in the first email. You should ask them if the domain is up for sale.
  • You should send them a professional email so that it does not appear as spam.

Once you follow these tips to find the domain owner and get in touch with them, you can know quite quickly if the domain is up for sale or not. In case, it is up for sale; you can easily buy it for a couple of hundred dollars or less. However, if you keep on ignoring the already registered names, your shortlisted pool of domains will grow smaller. Choosing the perfect name for your business will become even more difficult. That is why; you should not discard the already registered domain names when looking for a suitable domain for your business.

6. Easy to associate

Lastly, before you press that register button to make sure that the domain name is easy to associate with your business. When a person visualizes the business related to the domain name, your industry should crop up. Once that is the case, it becomes effortless for you to use the domain name to promote your business online.

So, while purchasing the perfect domain name for your business, these are the few tips which you should follow. The above tips will help you get the right domain name quite quickly. You don’t need to spend weeks together just shortlisting the domain names. With our guide above, you can find the right one today itself.

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