SkinCashier Basics – The Best Place To Sell Your CSGO Skins

Every serious CSGO player knows that playing official community games rewards players with a reward box that contains some of the many weapon skins. While most of these skins are not very valuable, sometimes you can win rare and epic skins that can be sold for thousands of dollars.

SkinCashier is one of the most popular and trusted marketplaces where you can sell the skins you win and get paid in cash. So, if you’re a seasoned CSGO player or if you want to know what you have to do to sell your skins on, keep reading, and we’ll take you through the entire process.

What are CSGO Skins And How To Get Them

CSGO skins are handed out randomly to players as they progress in rank. Regular players usually win up to three skins every week, and the luckiest ones win super-expensive skins that can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

It’s important to know that skins do not affect the weapons’ performance at all. They are solely cosmetic, but they often give other players a hint about the wearer’s skills. Most expensive skins are bought by professional CSGO players that use them to scare opponents and gain respect.

You can obtain skins within the game by winning loot boxes, but you can also buy them directly from the SkinCashier store and place in-game bets. CSGO allows players to use skins as a currency to bet on matches. If they win the bet, they win their skins back together with the skins other players lost. As you collect more and more skins, you will be able to win the rarest of skins and make some real money in the process.

Determining Skin Value

Each skin’s value depends on multiple factors, including how rare it is, how popular it is within the community, and the skin-wear itself. We can’t go over all details, but here’s a rough classification that can help you determine the value of your skins:

  • White skins are the most common, and they can be worth up to $25.
  • Light blue skins are slightly less common and can be worth up to $50.
  • Blue skins are regarded as mid-range skins that can be worth up to $125.
  • Purple skins are considered rare, and depending on the weapon, they can cost over $250.
  • Pink skins are even rarer, and most of them cost between $300 and $600.
  • Red skins are the second rarest category of skins, and some of them were sold for over $60,000.
  • Finally, we have Yellow (Golden) skins that are the rarest and can go for huge amounts of money.

How to Cash In On Your CSGO Skins

Let’s say that you’ve collected hundreds of CSGO weapon skins of various rarities and that you want to cash in on them. Valve, the company behind the game, has its own marketplace directly in the game where players can buy and sell skins, but without the possibility of monetizing them.

That’s where SkinCashier and similar other third-party marketplaces jump into action. They simply allow players to trade in the skins they’ve collected for real money. After receiving the cash to their online wallets, players can choose their preferred payout option and get real money for every skin.

The practice has helped many players earn some serious money and practically create a business by buying and selling skin; the same way stockbrokers make money on stocks. Even if you’re not interested in that kind of business, selling a single purple, red, or yellow skin could help you make a lot of money in no time.

How To Sell Skins On SkinCashier

SkinCashier is one of the most popular online marketplaces for trading CSGO skins because it offers a few essential benefits. We’ll get to that in a minute, but first, let’s go over the things you have to do to sell your skins on this marketplace.

Step 1 – Log Into SkinCashier

Visit the website and simply log in using your existing Steam account credentials. You don’t have to create a new account, just sign in, and you can start browsing all available skins.

Step 2 – Add Your Trade URL and Email Address

You have to provide your Steam trade URL and email address to be able to start selling and buying skins. It’s simply a requirement that proves that you’re a real CSGO player with real skins.

Step 3 – Select The Skins You Want To Sell

Once your inventory shows up on the website, you can highlight all of the skins you want to sell by clicking on each one. It’s a straightforward process of selecting the skins you want to sell. Keep in mind that once you sell a skin, there’s no getting it back, so be careful not to sell the skins you use.

Step 4 – Select Your Preferred Payment Method

All of the money you get from selling skins will be available in your SkinCashier online wallet. You can either use the money on-site to buy new skins or choose one of many available payment options to get real money. These options include PayPal, Payoneer, Visa and Mastercard cards, and even cryptocurrency.

Step 5 – Accept The Trade

If you’re happy with the current prices and the skins you want to sell, remember to click on the “Accept” button to finalize the process. Enter your Steam Guard authentication code, and the deal is done.

Step 6 – Get The Money Within 24 Hours

The reason why so many players use SkinCashier to sell their skins is because of the instant payout system that can’t be found on many other similar websites. Every transaction you make will be sent to your preferred payout method within the first 24 hours of making a sale.

A Quick Rundown Of All Benefits You Get From SkinCashier

Here’s a quick overview of the benefits you get from using SkinCashier to trade your CSGO (and other) skins.

  • Easy login with your existing Steam credentials.
  • Large community and fair prices.
  • No hidden fees, as all fees are already calculated into the price you see.
  • Easy skin selection and transaction process.
  • Safe and legit marketplace.
  • Over a dozen different payout options.
  • Access to the latest news, game tutorials, and expert tips for free.
  • Instant cashout within the first 24 hours.
  • Zero risks.

The Bottom Line

This market has been designed to provide ease-of-use and convenience to traders. It quickly became one of the most popular and trusted CSGO weapon skin marketplaces on the internet, and it’s still widely used by thousands of amateur, semi-pro, and pro players on a daily basis. It’s super easy to use, the prices it offers are fair, and the entire trading process is made to be transparent and straightforward. So, if you’re a CSGO player, SkinCashier is the perfect place to make an extra buck selling all of the skins you accumulated over the years.

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