The Dangers of Cell Phone Radiation

Adults and children alike use smartphones regularly. We are reliant on our smartphones not just for communication, but a whole host of other reasons. That is why the time which we spend using our smartphones is increasing day by day. Seldom do we realize that there might be side effects of cell phone radiation.

Many people do not even take the necessary steps required to protect themselves from these radiations. The awareness regarding cell phone radiation is minimal, if at all. However, the dangers are enormous. If people are not careful, the exposure to radiation can increase as they rely more on smartphones.

Today, we will highlight some of the dangers of cell phone radiation. These dangers will help you understand why it is high time that you should take specific steps to shield yourself from this radiation.

1. Possible carcinogen

The world health organization (WHO) categorizes cell phone radiation as a probable carcinogen. A carcinogen is a substance or a gas which can cause cancer. It indicates that WHO thinks that extended exposure to cell phone radiation can indeed result in brain cancer.

The brain bears the maximum brunt of cell phone radiation. That is why, if it causes cancer in the long term, it is more prone to causing brain cancer. That is why it is essential to limit cell phone usage.

You can also use Iphone and Android radiation protection sleeves which allow you to use your smartphone but block most of the radiation. These 2 are the only ways in which you can use your smartphone without increasing the risk of cancer.

2. Tissue damage

The radiation and nuclear safety authority of Finland found that the cell phone radiation is also responsible for tissue damage in the brain. The problem is that after a certain age, these tissues are not replaceable. When that is the case, people can indeed suffer from many degenerative diseases.

Due to this very reason, it can not only cause cancer but also diminish your cognitive ability. It is tough to deal with ailments which reduce your cognitive ability. If the tissue damage is indeed long-lasting or permanent, there is very little which the doctors can do to regenerate that tissue. The tissue damage is another danger of cell phone radiation.

3. Tumor

The problem with cell phone radiation is that it can easily cause tumors. Even though it can only create small tumors, but can indeed increase in size due to a variety of factors. The only option which you have to reduce that tumor is to go for chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy can kill not only tumor cells, but also the healthy cells and tissues in your body. The diminishing healthy cells in the body can have a detrimental impact on your health. The consequences of such a tumor are pretty significant.

It is the time that most of us realize the dangers of cell phone radiation and limit our smartphone usage. If we keep on ignoring the risks of cell phone radiation, the majority of people in our generation will start suffering from various diseases caused by this radiation.

4. Electromagnetic stimulation

The electromagnetic radiation from the smartphone can efficiently stimulate your brain. While in smaller quantities or time frames, it can be beneficial, but when using smartphones for long hours, such stimulation can become a burden for our brain. It can make you mentally exhausted. When that is the case, you cannot focus on the regular tasks which you do daily.

The mental fatigue will also prevent you from concentrating or focussing on any task. You will not be able to focus on your office work at all. Our brain is highly sensitive to the electromagnetic radiation emitted from our smartphones. The only solution to avoid excessive brain stimulation is to reduce the time for which we use smartphones daily.

5. Radiation absorption

The bone marrow in the skull and other parts of our body is susceptible to radiation absorption. The problem is that radiation deteriorates the quality of our bones. The problem is severe when you speak about children. The bone marrow of children can absorb ten times more radiation as compared to adults.

Due to this very reason, when we use smartphones daily, we are continually encountering more and more phone radiation. The radiation is not only harmful to the tissues of the body, but for our bones as well. There is very little which you can do after a certain age to repair the bone marrow in your body. Sure enough, you can go for a transplant, but it is tough to find a donor. That is why; most of the people will have to live with the side effects of damaged bone marrow.

With consistent radiation absorption, there are increased chances that the tissues might deteriorate and a tumor might form as well. Overall, it can impact your health in more ways than one. It is essential to understand the dangers of cell phone radiation and take steps to combat it.

So, if up until now you have been using your cell phones for hours daily, it is time to realize the side effects of the same. You need to take the right steps to shield yourself from this radiation. At the same time, you have to ensure that your children and other family members are also aware of the dangers of cell phone radiation and are taking steps to avoid the same.

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