Tips For New TikTok User

At this point, it is extremely unlikely you haven’t seen a TikTok video, regardless of whatever social media platform it was on. Watching these videos if you are intrested to make your own videos and sign up fr TikTok, we make sure that we will help get through this and have some of the best tips for new TikTok users.

Recreating a dance schedule, lip-matching up to a melody, or portraying TV characters isn’t easy. Nonetheless, we won’t cover any creative tips for making videos, rather we will discuss the best tips for new TikTok user which will surely help you maximizing your TikTok experience.

Download TikTok Videos for Offline Viewing

At the point when you discover a TikTok video that you want to share, the app’s sharing choices make it easy to do as such. And much of the time,you can download tiktok videos to view them offline, which is very useful if you want to some same data, or when you want to upload it to another help.

Simply tap the share symbol on the video, at that point “Save Video” to download it to your Android or iOS gadget. On the off chance that you don’t see a “Save Video” choice, it’s probably because the user blocked downloads on their videos, yet there are easy enough ways to get around that.

Turn TikTok Videos into GIFs

You can also turn your TikTok videos into GIF’s. Simply tab the share icon on video and Share as GIF to download it to your default photos app. After it’s finished downloading, you can immediately share the GIF via your sharing menu.

Stop Others from Downloading Your TikTok Videos

While others may approve of having their videos downloaded, you may not be. Fortunately, TikTok allows you to keep others from saving your videos.

Tap on the profile symbol in the navigation bar, at that point the ellipsis (•••) in the top right. Next, select “Privacy and Safety,” tap on “Allow Download,” and pick “Off.” This just forestalls downloads in the app itself since there are outsider answers for saving blocked videos, so it is anything but a catch-all arrangement, yet it’s superior to nothing.

TikTok Quick Actions

When viewing another person’s video, press on the share to choose from various alternatives, including “Save Video, and then Duet, and React. However, there is an easy route for picking a portion of the available choices in the share menu.

Long-press anywhere on the video and three choices will appear, one for saving the video (see Tip 1), one to add the video to your favorites, and one to reveal to TikTok you’re not keen on observing more videos like this in your “Home” tab. In the event that the save alternative doesn’t appear, it means the user has disabled that choice from that video.

Hide Annoying Users and Sounds

TikTok is making it easier to just observe the content you want to see, and that’s it. On the off chance that there’s a user or sound (like a tune or dialog from a motion picture) you aversion, and one of those videos winds up on your feed, you can long-press on the video, tap on “Progressively,” at that point either hit “Hide videos from this user” or “Hide videos with this sound.”

The alternative to hide videos just appears in the “Home” segment of TikTok. It is extremely unlikely to hide videos from users or with explicit sounds somewhere else, yet you can always obstruct a user. As of the present moment, its absolutely impossible to hinder a sound, however concealing it with this feature ought to work.

Upload Multiple Videos at Once

Utilizing the in-app camera, you can easily shoot various clasps and fasten them together to create an all the more balanced video, yet Tik Tok also makes it easy to upload various existing clasps at once.

Tap on the in addition to sign in the navigation bar at the bottom and then on the “Upload” button in the bottom-right. In your video gallery, hit the “Multiple” button, at that point select all the clasps (or photos) you want to upload. You can upload as many videos as you want.

Turn Your Favorite TikTok Video into a Live Wallpaper

TikTok is loaded up with charming videos of cats howling into mics and random individuals doing a portion of your favorite dances. On the off chance that you love a video enough, you can appreciate it significantly more as a live wallpaper for your smartphone, and this chips away at both Android and iOS. The procedure is diverse for each operating framework, yet the final product is an animated TikTok background for your home and/or lock screen.

View Your Favorite Videos

If you have favorite a video which you presumably want to watch later, where does it go? Tap on the profile symbol in the navigation bar, at that point select the favorite icon, which resembles a bookmark, by Edit Profile. Here, you’ll discover each video you’ve favorited. In the event that you swipe through My Favorites.

Connect to Other TikTok Users with Codes

TikTok utilizes TikTok Codes to make it easier to connect with companions, brands, and other users. Above all, you have to learn how to utilize them. Start by heading off to your profile page. At the top of your profile is the TikTok Codes symbol, which kind of appears as though a QR code. In the event that you tap on it, you can view your own TikTok Code, which you can save to your gadget to send to or show somebody later.

On the off chance that you want to scan another person’s QR code, tap on “Scan” at the bottom, and your telephone’s camera will start scanning for TikTok Codes. You can also upload one from your gadget by swiping over to Photos. Once the code is scanned, you’ll be taken to that profile, where you can decide to tail them and view their videos.

Report Inappropriate Content

TikTok is made for kids, however that doesn’t mean it’s absolved from inappropriate content. Videos with hate discourse, harassment or tormenting, and graphic content will spring up from time to time, however fortunately there’s an easy way to report these videos.

To report a video, sound, hashtag, user, video, remark, or message, just tap on the “Share” arrow symbol and hit “Report.” You can then choose a reason for the report, give further details if necessary, and send the report for review.

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