Web Design and SEO Done Right: 6 Things You Have To Consider

When it comes to staying on top of your competition, there are various things you must focus on as a brand. And one of those involves working smart on your web design and SEO tactics. However, when it comes to this topic, there is a lot of information out that that can be confusing rather than helping, especially if you aren’t working with an expert.

That’s why today we have decided to take you through some of the essential, simple things you should consider to achieve incredible success in SEO.

1. Are You Answering People’s Issues/Problems?

This makes an excellent start-up point. Day in day out, we always talk about the important role your audience plays in your success. But even with that, most businesses focus on producing content and creating their website in a way that they think is favorable for their masses. Note the term “think”. This means they aren’t even sure if they are meeting those needs.

Why not try to place yourself in their shoes? That way you can correctly figure out the type of stuff they will be searching and meet them. If you make it clear enough, Google will recognize it and forward it as an answer to questions just below the search bar. You can even ask opinions from family and friends to help you streamline.

2. Is Your Home Page Honed?

Your homepage should be the ideal landing page on your site. And as such, it should showcase its role well. Most individuals find themselves battling with inward thoughts as to whether to optimize it or not. Well, the answer is a big YES! By all means, do and it doesn’t have to be with complex keywords. You have to win Google’s trust first.

In the article Homepage SEO Strategy That Works, Adam White says to first focus on building trust on your homepage, and then to work on building links to other pages on your website. This will increase your ranking on Google. So target any key phrase that works for you.

3. Are Your Title Tags Optimized?

Most people don’t even pay attention to title tags. In fact, they forget all about them the moment the site is up and running. But unknown to many, though they are at the top of your browser, they carry a lot of weight when it comes to SEO. You can enhance your page’s performance by adding a keyword as part of its simple description to direct people searching for particular terms to your site.

4. How Optimized Are Your File Names?

Yes, you now have your title tags on the correct path, but is that enough? Of course not. There is so much more than search engines demand. They need to have a clear understanding of various files in your pages. This includes the ones with images, videos and any kind of attachment. So be intentional when naming them. And this should be in line with specific page themes. For instance, if you’re talking about online marketing and your page name is “online-marketing.html”, then your image name should something like ” online-marketing.jpg1.” Remember to keep it short.

5. Have You Achieved Balance Creating Content For People And Search Engines?

Getting the correct file and tag titles isn’t enough to send sufficient traffic to your site. You have to work a little bit smarter and figure out how you can draft content that will not only attract your audience but also get the attention of search engines. And since you have to keep everything simple, you don’t have to go stuffing keywords unnecessarily throughout your post. Instead, maximize then on headings and subheadings. That way you can also get the opportunity to throw them randomly, a few times within the body of the article.

6. Is Your Content Fresh?

You can’t be depending on the content you posted two months ago to meet your daily traffic needs. People love reading fresh things and the more you update, the more familiar Google searches become with your site and thus ranking you highly. But if for any reason you have to use old postings on your site, then ensure to constantly keep them up-to-date through editing.

We hope you find the above points helpful in improving your brand’s SEO needs. As you can see, sometimes, you don’t have to change much, it’s the little things that actually matter. And the moment you start paying attention to them, you can be sure to start witnessing tremendous change. The good thing is that you can do most of them by yourself, so if it’s the cost that has been holding you back, there is no reason anymore. It’s time to take charge and lead your business to the next level!

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